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Globally, 70% of emissions are linked to material handling and use, with material extraction predicted to almost double by 2060. We know that circular measures could help to reduce sectoral emissions from aluminium, cement, plastics and steel up to 40% by 2050 – so how can we jump-start the collaboration needed between supply and demand side stakeholders along the value chain to move from insights to concrete commitments and action?

Join us for this talk-show style session to explore the partnerships and policy enablers to accelerate innovative business models and strategies for circular industry transformation.

Speakers include: Antonia Gawel, Deputy Head, Centre for Global Public Goods of the World Economic Forum
Roald Lapperre, Vice Minister for the Environment and International Affairs, the Netherlands
Magali Anderson, Chief Sustainability & Innovation Officer, LaFargeHolcim
Gisbert Rühl, Chief Executive Officer at Klöckner & Co SE
Eva Maria Hinkers, Europe Region Chair of ARUP
Mesbah Sabur, Founder of Circularise

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