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A Circular Economist

On a mission to inspire 111 million people about the circular economy

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Harald Friedl practiced circular economy, sustainability and business for over 10 years and is now an active innovator who drives growth and circularity in his clients companies.

Not simply a theory guy, Harald teaches what he knows from experience and is passionate about sharing his expertise with today’s most dynamic business leaders.

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Projects I'm proud of

System Change Accelerator: COP Climate Action Champions Team

Community Builder – ex. “Humans.AI”

Advisory Boards Globally Leading Companies

Austria Circular Economy Ambassador

Google Germany Masterclass – inspiring leadership

Systems Change – Global Cement Accelerator

Work with the GCCA

Invention of the Circularity Gap Report Movement

Austrian Circular Economy Summit 2022

Curation & Organization/Project Execution

Motivational Speaker – From TED to WCEF to WEF

Inspire and lead the way through TED talks, speeches and excitement on the biggest innovation festivals in the world.

Coach – Heart Leadership

Pro bono advice

Change Maker – Circular Tulum

Create a holistic, green and circular tourist destination

Erasmus University Masterclass (2022)

World Economic Forum

Guiding the Establishment of the Industry Net Zero Circularity Programme (2021)

Scaling up Circle Economy


Erste Bank Foundation

Disrupt for future Transformation

Featured videos

from Harald

TEDX: hacking a broken system while building a new future

Keynote: Zero Waste Conference Canada

DIF: What might the circular economy mean for developing countries?


To Accelerate Our Collective Progress To Achieve Circularity

I’m here to showcase the immense benefits of adopting circular practices – from reducing waste and maximizing resource efficiency to fostering innovation and driving sustainable growth. Together, let’s shape a future where businesses thrive while respecting our planet’s limits, creating value that endures for generations to come.


The atomic bomb of systems change

Austrian Startups & Circle 17

Harald is the Rockstar of Circularity

Latin America CE Forum

Inspiring through empathy

Balkan Circular Economy conference

Invite Me to Your Stage

Harald has crossed dozens of stages across North America, Europe and Asia. Let him share real world experience for growing regenerative circular companies.

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Looking For a Seasoned Mentor to Support Your Startup?

Are you ready to take your brilliant business to the next level and achieve explosive growth? If you’re feeling like you could use some extra seniority and guidance to help you get there, then look no further. Imagine having a seasoned expert by your side, someone who has scaled several sustainable businesses and can offer valuable advice based on years of experience. This is the kind of opportunity that can give you a crucial advantage in your market, and help you turn your dreams into reality.

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Educate your team with a Circularity Masterclass

Get a hands-on training with me that will provide my students an opportunity to work under my guidance to help elevate their impact.

Uniquely designed to give participants the confidence and knowledge to discuss Circular Economy and Sustainability topics in a professional setting. During this masterclass participants will build an understanding of the key areas required to implement and to create Circular principles in their day-to-day responsibilities.

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Circular businesses don’t build themselves....

Most entrepreneurs are great in their area of expertise, but having a successful & sustainable business requires two things: circular expertise and BUSINESS expertise.

And that’s where many fall short. They’ve never built a successful circular business before, so they don’t know how to do it right.

To get my help to find the missing link in your business, book a free 15-minute clarity call with me below.

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