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Circularity is key

Circularity is key

Circularity is key

Circularity is key

Circularity is key

To enhancing the world

To enhancing the world

To enhancing the world

To enhancing the world

To enhancing the world

Who is Harald Friedl?

Harald is a circular economy activist & accelerator with over 15 years of experience in driving systemic change. He has worked with various stakeholders in the system, including government, business, academics, and media, to enable organizations and individuals to pursue a circular commitment and transition through strategic, data-driven action plans. His strength lies in helping organizations select the right priorities and action steps to overcome the existing barriers to progress.

As a renowned speaker and workshop leader, Harald has spoken to many global audiences and to corporate teams on the importance of circularity, sustainability and how to achieve it. Audiences worldwide have enjoyed Harald’s lively presentations. He isn’t afraid to confront his listeners with challenges for tomorrow. He uses his enthusiasm, energy and humour to persuade us to take action, keeping everyone at the edge of their seats.

Harald can help you move from idea to implementation. He has performed as keynote speaker for large conferences as well as for smaller audiences of boards of directors, policy makers and politicians. He is a valuable resource for any organization looking to make a

Keynote topics

The business case for circularity:

Why companies should prioritize circularity and how it can benefit their bottom line.


Heartfelt Leadership

Leading with empathy, compassion, and purpose


Circular design and innovation

How to rethink products and services to create closed-loop systems.



 Turn words into action….


Think beyond the organization

Leveraging the power of ecosystem thinking for sustainable success.


Circular business models:

Create new revenue streams and business models that align with circular principles.


Radical Collaboration

Harnessing the power of partnership for innovative sustainable solutions.


Watch Harald in Action

See the circular economy come to life through a visionary speaker and action-oriented thought leader

Zero Waste Conference 2019 Keynote

Hacking a broken system while building a new future |  TEDxTirana

BrutKasten : Das sind die aktuellen Trends für Kreislaufwirtschaft

Key Note – Foro de Economía Circular LATAM

WCEF Host – Sparking Collaborative Circular Industry Innovation

Circumcenter Interview

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“We can’t accept the state of our planet. It’s time for action"

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