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I wanted to send you this message as you and your loved ones are in my thoughts and intention setting during these challenging times on our little planet.

5 Golden Rules for (extremely) challenging times:

#1. Remember the bigger picture. 

This will all run along and good times will eventually return. Do what you need to do to ride the storm out safely. Yet keep connected to yourself, your loved ones and your communities. Even the darkest night offers you luminous beauty from the heavens to appreciate. And honor.

#2. Heroes are made in hard times. 

Anyone can show leadership, mastery and positivity while everything is going alright. Now is when you get to show the world who you truly are. And the values that you ably represent. Leverage the mess to grow in focus, creativity, bravery and humanity.

#3. Grow & learn to deliver even more magic. 

The crowd is scared. Your business peers are pulling back. Everyone’s panicking. Now is a superb time to create even more value and be of acute use to even more people. Work on your professional knowledge and career skills even more. Read books, listen to audiobooks, podcasts and coaching resources so you leap ahead of your previous self. 

#4. Fortify your health. 

Rest is even more important now to guard your immunity. I also recommend that you upgrade your exercise commitment, get some sunshine for vitamin D, explore the potent value of fasting, enjoy forest bathing and meditate daily or even multiple times a day.

#5 Deepen your daily gratitude. 

Now is a wise time to appreciate all the good in your life as never before. Gratitude is the antidote to fear. And concentrating on the small graces and precious aspects of your life will keep you happy, confident and healthy during this time of unease.

Bless you all and lets’ stick together as a global community

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